How it works

FXRebateClub is an Introducing Broker, which means that we are paid a portion of the spreads and commissions you pay at one of our partner Brokers. We receive these payments as a compensation for introducing new clients, hence the name “Introducing Broker”. Opening a live account through FXRebateClub will never affect your spreads and commission, the payments we receive and in turn hand back to our traders do not affect trading conditions! You will receive a cash rebate for every complete trade you make, which in reality lowers the spreads or commissions you pay at our partner Brokers!

Here are 3 simple steps to understanding our service:

  1. We refer traders to Brokers.
  2. The Brokers appreciate it, so they share some of the spreads and commissions our referred traders pay.
  3. We hand a vast majority of these earnings back to our traders in the form of monthly payments.

It’s really that simple! Just sign up for free, open a live account at a broker via the "Open new account" links on our website, sign in to your FXRebateClub account and verify your broker. As soon as your broker account has been verified, you can start trading and earn cash rebates for every trade you make! Keep in mind that rebates are calculated for every complete trade (round lot traded).