Risk warning

Before making decision on participation in Forex operations, you should scrupulously analyze investment purposes, your knowledge and experience, as well as your ability and willingness to risk. But the most important thing is not to invest in this business if the loss can have an adverse effect on your frame of life. 

Every Forex transaction is highly risky. Any currency transactions are risk-prone, e.g. political or economic changes can have a great impact on currency liquidity, price, etc. 

Moreover, Forex trading is performed using the leverage. It means that any market movement impacts the account increasing multifold. Leverage can work both for and against you. There is an up-close potential for losing all funds invested as initial margin, you may also need to deposit extra funds to maintain the existing position. Should you fail to meet the margin call in time your position will be closed and you will have to pay for all possible losses. Investors lower the risk level they are exposed to, by using protective strategies (such orders as Stop Loss and Limit).  

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